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Driven by his love for music, Kirby ventured from Memphis to Nashville. After gaining experience at various body shops in the area and working independently, he established Team Witt in January 2008 in Franklin, TN. Within a mere six months, our shop's success surpassed expectations, necessitating a search for a new location. In April 2009, we found our home in the vibrant Berry Hill neighborhood. Yet, our growth didn't stop there. Four years later, Team Witt outgrew its premises once again, leading us to our current location on the outskirts of Nashville, nestled in Madison, TN.

With over 25 years of hands-on experience, Kirby brings unparalleled expertise and a genuine passion for crafting breathtaking vehicles. His creative vision and talent are unrivaled in the Middle Tennessee area, placing him on par with the automotive building greats. At Team Witt, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of automotive artistry, transforming dreams into tangible, awe-inspiring machines. Join us at Team Witt, where automotive passion and creative excellence converge to shape extraordinary vehicles that leave a lasting impression.


Kirby Witt

At Team Witt, our roots run deep in the world of cars and the dedicated individuals who work on them. Kirby, our founder, has been immersed in this industry from an early age. His grandfather, Otto Brose, owned a Mobil Service Station in Wing, ND for an impressive 60 years. Otto's unwavering commitment to hard work and resourcefulness has greatly influenced Kirby's life and career.

Kirby's journey began alongside his older brother, Darren, who delved into the exhilarating realm of racing cars during their teenage years. Kirby eagerly assisted Darren in the garage, honing his skills in vehicle maintenance and eventually specializing in bodywork. Even at the tender age of 17, Kirby's innate talent for body work and vehicle concept design became evident when he opened his first body shop in Aberdeen, SD while completing his senior year of high school.

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