Kirby Witt: 

Kirby Witt:

Kirby grew up around cars and the people who work on them.  His grandfather, Otto Brose, owned a Mobil Service Station in Wing, ND for 60 years.  He was, and still is, a major influence on Kirby’s life and profession.  Otto kept his business going through the Great Depression and knew the value of hard work.  If you couldn’t buy it, he would make it, and if you could fix it he would find a way. 

Kirby’s older brother Darren got involved in racing cars as a teenager and Kirby would help him wrench on them in their garage at home, which also eventually led to bodywork when the race cars were wrecked or damaged.  At 17 Kirby opened his first body shop in Aberdeen, SD while still finishing up his senior year of high school.  Some people are just born naturals at one thing or another--this describes Kirby with body work and vehicle concept design.  His love of music eventually led to a move to Nashville, by way of Memphis. 

After working at various body shops in town, and on his own, he opened Team Witt in January 2008 in Franklin, TN.  Within six months the shop had outgrown the original building and the search for a new location began. Team Witt relocated to the Berry Hill neighborhood in April 2009. Four years later, Team Witt outgrew the building again, and now Team Witt is located on the outskirts of Nashville, in Madison TN. 

Kirby has over 25 years experience working on cars and has a genuine passion for building stunning vehicles.  He has a creative vision and talent unmatched in the Middle Tennessee area, and on par with the car building greats.


Nikki Witt:

Nikki spent most of her childhood in Ecuador, South America where her parents were serving as missionaries. She moved back with her family to the states when she was in her early teens. Her adult career has been in banking and management positions. Combining her formative years spent focused on serving others and her extensive work experience makes her very well suited for her current position as Office Manager for Team Witt Customs.

Nikki Witt


Mike moved to Tennessee in 2003 from Marietta, Ohio. After visiting a friend that lived in Nashville, he decided that he liked the area more than home. Mike is a very experienced and skilled mechanic. His specialty is anything and all mechanical and he is an expert at figuring out unique and very complex engine and wiring problems. He attended Engineering School at Ohio Northern University and Auto/Diesel and High Performance School at NADC. Professionally, he’s been working for 10 years; however, he has been working on his personal cars since he was 16. His inspiration is his Grandparents because they would help anyone they felt they could, as well as hardworking and professional. His Grandparents owned a 1972 Pontiac Catalina, which he now owns, and Mike became captivated by it because it was so different from other cars that he had seen back then. Mike appreciates fine engineering and anything mechanical. When not at work, he enjoys hockey and likes old military firearms. In general, he likes sports and history. He also loves spending time with his wife, Des, his sons, Jordan and Wyatt, and their pets.




Judah, originally from Oceanside, CA, moved to Nashville in 2017 to be closer to family. He began working on cars when he was 8 years old when he started driving off-road in the desert with his family. If he wanted to drive something, he had to work on it. Judah enjoys every aspect of building cars and he likes a wide variety of cars, believing that most of them have a potential to be something great. He brings his years of experience and passion for building great cars to Team Witt and he is well suited for his role as Shop Manager.  In his time away from the shop, he enjoys living life to the fullest with his wife, Amy, and their two daughters.



Hank moved from Seattle, WA to Nashville for music and nicer weather, in October 2014. He began working on cars when he got his first car, a 1948Plymouth project, at the age of 16. Hank has a passion for metal shaping and fabrication, and he is brings his passion, talents, and experience to Team Witt to do this very thing. One of his inspirations is Jesse James because of the style of his builds and his talent as a metal worker. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, Molly, his pit bull mix, Dee, and playing the upright bass.



1208 Northgate Business Parkway 

Madison, TN 37115